Collections & Deposits

At Illinois Bank & Trust, we understand timely collections and deposits are critical when it comes to maintaining a healthy cash flow for your business. That is why we provide our business customers with an assortment of collection services, featuring state-of-the-art technology that can accelerate collections and expedite deposits. From electronic check processing and receipt management to lockbox services, you can customize solutions to meet your unique needs.


Remote deposits are ideal for businesses located several miles from the nearest banking center, those that have multiple locations, those that receive checks late in the day and would like faster credit, or those wanting to make employees more productive.

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Automatic Clearinghouse (ACH)

ACH payments are securely transmitted electronically between financial institutions, giving you faster access to funds by eliminating the time-consuming physical handling paper checks require.

Lockbox Services

Speed up the availability of your funds with our efficient lockbox services. You’ll have optimum control over your receivables processing, while reducing the staff time involved in receiving and preparing daily deposits. No matter the specific needs of your business, we have the services and capabilities for both wholesale and retail services.