Service Excellence Award

Service Excellence Winner - Third Quarter 2017
Gina Morrison, Senior Personal Banker, Machesney Park Banking Center

Gina Morrison received the following nominations:

Headshot of Gina Morrison 1) Went above and beyond with helping with a credit card dispute. Also explained about some other charges we were concerned with. (submitted by customer)

2) We first met with Gina after several months of our inability to balance our checkbook (not normal for us). She LISTENED ATTENTIVELY and was able to follow our storyline (probably quite challenging with an older couple talking at the same time). She worked TIRELESSLY with and without us being present and she did not give up and DID find our errors. Gina possesses GREAT patience, determination and ability to set things right in a most kindly manner. It is worth noting that we sought help the previous month and did not experience the good result we did with her. We are most grateful. (submitted by customer)

Gina truly makes Great Things Happen! ™ at Illinois Bank & Trust!


Service Excellence Winner - Second Quarter 2017
Amara Wasmund – Galena Gear Street Banking Center

Amara Wasmund received the following nomination from a customer:

headshot of Amara Wasmund A customer stopped in to say what a fantastic job Amara did in assisting him with a cash advance. He needed money to pay for his wife going to an assisted living facility and was going to do a cash advance off his credit card. Amara suggested calling the card company to see if there was a way he could get the funds without having to be charged the higher rate due to the fact it was a cash advance. He called and was told that he could, in fact, do a better way, but when transferred to the specific representative, was not assisted. He then came back in to Amara to do the cash advance with the higher rate, to which she suggested doing a funds transfer online from the card. She helped him log into the card’s online banking and request the transfer, which resulted in funds just as fast, but at a lower rate. He was so impressed by her willingness to help and make sure he was getting the best deal.

Amara truly makes Great Things Happen! ™ at Illinois Bank & Trust!


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