Our Wealth Management Approach

Our wealth management process begins with an assessment of needs, resources and goals.

  • Do you prefer current income, asset growth or both?
  • What is your time horizon and your tolerance for risk?
  • Do you have tax or legal considerations?
  • Do you want to avoid – or emphasize – certain types of companies?

Answers to questions like these help us determine your investment profile and recommend an asset allocation based on specific objectives and requirements.

We believe that our clients are best served by a team of investment experts rather than a single portfolio manager. Each member of our investment team specializes in a particular asset class, sector or market and helps design portfolios to meet objectives that range from very conservative to aggressive. Security allocations within each portfolio are monitored carefully and change over time as markets and economies evolve.

Our primary goal for all portfolios is to achieve favorable long-term returns without taking undue risk.

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We’re here to sit beside you at the table. During the consultation phase, we want to learn as much about you as possible and your unique needs. There are many factors to take into consideration when building a financial plan, including planning for retirement, saving for a child’s education, passing along an individual legacy or transferring ownership of your business. Our advisors consider this phase one of the most critical to ensure we know your current and future needs to work towards your best financial life, retirement and legacy.


Now that we’ve learned about your financial planning needs, it's time for our advisors to educate you on the best options to create your plan. Our plan will include many areas for your financial well-being, including cash flow and expense management, educational funding, charitable objectives, timeline for retirement and any other unique situation. Your plan doesn’t stop with your individual needs. Your advisor will also ensure you know options for passing along a business or creating an endowment.


After you have considered your options, it's time for our advisors to put your plan into action. Your comprehensive approach will not only include an investment strategy, but estate planning, tax ramifications, risk tolerance and a look at non-financial assets like real estate or personal property. Your advisor will work with your team of professionals including your accountant or attorney to achieve the best holistic result.  

Contact us to have one of our Wealth Advisors help you build a financial strategy.

Products offered by Wealth Management are not FDIC Insured, are not bank guaranteed and may lose value.

Wealth Management does not provide tax, accounting or legal advice.