Holiday Scams and Schemes

November 29, 2023 |
Article | 3 min
| Personal Insights

The weather outside? Frightful.

The halls? Decked.

The sleigh bells? Ringing.

But check your list twice as fraudsters are out in full force this holiday season!

As your financial partner, our team is committed to help safeguard your information because what is important to you, is important to us. We have gathered some tips to help you protect yourself from the common scams and schemes.

  • Practice Safe Online Shopping

Scammers can effortlessly create fake websites, or replicate existing ones, to deceive customers. Their goal is to collect personal information and credit or debit card details or sell counterfeit products. To help protect yourself, review the company and website feedback, research their reputation, and verify the legitimacy of their contact information. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Prevent Gift Card Scams

Exercise caution when encountering phone calls, websites, or social media platforms that promote gift card offers or request payment in the form of gift cards. A best practice is to only obtain gift cards from authorized retailers or directly from the brand’s official website.

  • Travel Safety

    • For purchases, or when accessing any banking sites, it is recommended to exclusively utilize secure Wi-Fi networks instead of public connections.
    • If you’re planning to be away for an extended period, request a mail hold from the postal service. This action helps minimize the risk of bad actors observing buildup of your mail.
    • Stay vigilant about fraudulent vacation rental listings and steer clear of any rental manager who requests payment outside of the online travel platform. Be particularly cautious of payment methods involving cryptocurrency or gift cards.
    • Travel light by only bringing what you truly need. Consider leaving checkbooks and unnecessary credit cards securely at home if possible.

  • Don’t Open Suspicious Emails or Links

During the holiday season, there is a rise in phishing scams. It’s important to keep in mind that trustworthy companies, financial institutions, the IRS, and credit card providers will never request personal information by email or phone calls.

If something seems out of the ordinary or if a transaction feels suspicious, please notify us and we will gladly assist you. Remaining skeptical in the face of prevalent social engineering scams can help safeguard your financial security. We are here for you! Reach out to one of our team members if you have any questions or concerns.

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